FAQ Hacienda La Palma

Flights and ferries to La Palma

Condor, Eurowings, Lufthansa and Marabou Airlines offer direct flights from various German airports. The offer varies from season to season. Availability and prices fluctuate, so the earlier you book, the more choice you have and the cheaper it is. The flights are also marketed via various providers. Flights can be booked either directly with the airline or via one of the traditional tour operators such as Thomas Cook or Schauinsland Reisen.

The number of direct flights from Germany to La Palma is very limited. Sometimes they don’t fit in with vacation times or individual vacation planning. Iberia offers a little more flexibility here with a daily connection from Madrid to La Palma. However, this means a change of trains in Madrid and therefore a longer journey. The connections with a travel time of 6.5 to 8 hours are interesting. Those with +1, i.e. with an onward flight the next day, are not recommended from our point of view. The same applies here: The earlier you book, the more choice you have and the cheaper it is. Another option is Vueling. The airline offers flights from Barcelona to La Palma in cooperation with Iberia. But not every day.

If you are not under too much time pressure or are affected by flight cancellations at short notice and cannot find alternative flight options quickly, you should check whether traveling via Tenerife or Gran Canaria is an option. There are significantly more flight connections to both islands.

On Tenerife, airplanes from Germany land at Tenerife South Airport. The best way to continue your journey is with Binter Canarias, Canaryfly or Air Europa from Tenerife/North. However, a transfer time of 3-4 hours should be taken into account.

A direct bus service connects the two airports several times a day. If the departure times are inconvenient, you can also take the public bus via Santa Cruz de Tenerife. But beware! In the case of separately booked flights, there is no entitlement to transportation if, for example, you miss your connection due to flight time changes or other events.

There is no need to change airports from Gran Canaria. Sufficient transfer time should also be planned here due to possible flight time changes.

From Tenerife/South you can also take the ferry to La Palma. The ferry port of Los Christianos is about a twenty-minute cab ride from Tenerife South Airport. The ferries usually leave from around 6 – 7 pm, so that you arrive on La Palma at around 9 – 10 pm. On La Palma, the ferry departs at around 6 a.m., so depending on the flight connection, you will need to plan a corresponding stay on Tenerife. Exact departure times can be found on the ferry companies’ websites. Fred Olsen offers a fast ferry that takes about 150 minutes from Tenerife to La Palma.

Ferry connections Fred Olsen:


There are currently flights from Manchester with TUI Fly, Copenhagen with Bravo Tours, Amsterdam with Transavia, Billund with Avion Express and Zurich with Edelweiss.

A detour via Zurich or Amsterdam could also be considered as an alternative travel option.

Rental cars and e-bikes on La Palma

The easiest way to get to the Hacienda is to hire a car. There are also various bus connections. However, these involve several changes of trains. Due to the secluded location of the hacienda in the middle of nature, we therefore always recommend traveling with a suitable rental vehicle.

Some of our guests took public transport from Santa Cruz to Los Llanos and rented an e-bike there. After the journey, they then spent their entire vacation on the e-bike and reported very positive experiences.

We are happy to support you with further individual recommendations. Please just send us a short message.

Most car rental companies have their station directly in the airport, so that pick-up and drop-off can be done easily directly in the parking garage of the airport building. On request, many providers also offer the option of picking up the rental car directly at the ferry port of Santa Cruz de La Palma.

We prefer to book the Citroen Berlingo or FIAT Panda 4×4 from Monta Cars when they are available. Both vehicles have sufficient ground clearance and horsepower (approx. 80-90), which is highly recommended as we are located high up in the vineyards and the approach is quite winding and steep in places. The last section also leads over a somewhat bumpy concrete track with some deeper water channels through the vineyard and then the last 100 meters over a small, steep section of forest path.

Of course, you can also get up to the hacienda by minivan, but it can be a bit tiring in the long run if you plan to do a lot of things by car, for example.

Privacy and pool area at the hacienda

The hacienda is located in the middle of nature in a protected landscape area and is surrounded by pine forests, so there are no direct neighbors from here. The surrounding vineyards below are cultivated by local winegrowers and are not permanently inhabited.

Our fincas are spread out over the 70,000 m² hacienda. There are a total of six different vacation homes, each with its own character and allotted plot shares according to their size.

The entire area is divided into actively cultivated wine terraces, almond and olive groves, citrus plantations, fruit trees, pine forests and natural zones to discover and relax. Not only the extensive distribution of the vacation homes on the entire property, but also the different levels in the terraced area and the different orientations of the fincas offer maximum privacy.

All houses have a private parking space, their own separate entrances and various private gardens and terraces directly adjacent to the house. Here you can make yourself comfortable with a glass of wine or a book and enjoy the sound of nature.

If you don’t want to see other guests, you can set yourself up here so that this is not necessary. Many of our regular guests appreciate this special privacy but also feel safer in the knowledge that there are other guests “within reach” in this special secluded location in the middle of nature.

Our team usually works in the vineyard during the day and is available for our guests on request. However, just like the owner, he does not live on the hacienda himself.

The pool area is shared. Here you can meet other guests. However, the division of the complex into vertical rock gardens and separate sunbathing areas at different heights ensures a comparable level of privacy.

Most of our guests come to hike and watch the stars. So during the day we often have the situation that the pool is not very busy. If several guests use the pool area at the same time, the separate sunbathing areas in the vertical rock gardens offer plenty of space to retreat and relax.

The frequency at the pool is somewhat higher, e.g. during the summer vacations.

The pool has solar heating, which helps to heat the pool in winter when the sun is shining. From November to April, the pool reaches temperatures of around 20 degrees. So definitely more of a refreshment and not a bathtub temperature! In the period from May to October, the water temperature is around 24 degrees.

If you prefer it hot and cozy all year round, you can enjoy a hot bath under La Palma’s starry sky in our hot tub. In our wooden barrel you can experience the soothing and relaxing effect of 1500 liters of fresh mountain water, heated with wood up to 38 degrees and flavored with fresh herbs growing in the rock garden. Using the hot tub requires some preparation and use of materials. A hot tub evening must therefore be booked separately and is not included in the vacation home rental. Please send us a short request if you are interested.

The pool can be used by all our guests all year round and is included in our vacation homes. As we attach great importance to the privacy of our guests, we have a public area here where you can meet and exchange experiences. One or two friendships have even developed here.

La Palma weather and harvest times

In total, we have over 300 days of sunshine a year up here in the vineyard, so the chances of good weather are quite high. Due to the special wind-protected location in the valley and the south-west orientation of the finca, it is often much more pleasant than in lower, but for example windy locations.

If we divide the year into two periods, the weather here at the Hacienda can be described as follows. However, it must be said that there can always be dynamics and deviations due to weather phenomena and changing wind directions such as Calima.

As a rule, the period from November to April is quite stable here with pleasant daytime temperatures on sunny days and, depending on the wind direction, between 14 and 20 degrees. Due to the intense sunlight at an altitude of 1,380 meters above sea level, it usually feels a little warmer than the thermometer. With a stable north-easterly trade wind, we lie above the trade wind cloud cover and enjoy the many hours of sunshine.

But beware! Of course, there can sometimes be cloudy or rainy days here too, so it’s worth bringing warm clothing. On such days, temperatures can drop to 10-14 degrees during the day. During the night for stargazing, it can cool down significantly to 4-8 degrees during this period. As we have over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, the chances of pleasant daytime temperatures and intense sunshine are quite good.

In the period between May and October, the daytime temperatures rise sharply and it is also significantly warmer in the evenings. In July and August, for example, it can easily rise to over 30 degrees, but it usually cools down again at night.

The air in our zone is rather dry, so that due to our special altitude we are not affected by the humid, almost tropical heat caused by climate change, which has unfortunately developed more and more frequently on La Palma in recent years.

However, as the hacienda is more than 1,380 meters above sea level, the sun’s rays are very intense and it is strongly recommended that you bring sun cream with a high sun protection factor and a sun hat. In the summer months, we can also expect the Calima weather phenomenon, when the Sahara dust comes over to us and temperatures rise significantly. Physical exertion is strongly discouraged during these times. Instead, our saltwater pool invites you to take a refreshing dip. The nearby laurel forest of La Zarza also offers a good retreat with significantly lower temperatures these days.

The vineyard blossoms and grows practically all year round. While the almond and fruit blossom season impresses from January to early April, the first fruits begin to ripen in May/June.

Apricots, figs, lemons, oranges, peaches, plums, apples, pears, strawberries and, of course, sugar-sweet grapes grow here. You can help yourself to our fruit trees until well into November. In September, you can accompany the almond and fig harvest and learn how this tradition is still practiced on La Palma today. From November to December, the chestnuts are waiting to be harvested by you. Our own herb garden provides tasty ingredients for the kitchen all year round.

Location, hikes and excursions

Our winery is uniquely beautiful, surrounded by centuries-old vines and almond trees. The hacienda is about 35 minutes away from the star observatories on the Roque de los Muchachos and you can drive down to the hikes along the Atlantic just as quickly. Numerous walks and hikes through the wild and romantic landscape and vineyards of La Palma are also possible directly from the hacienda.

The special altitude of the hacienda on the sunny north-west side of the island combines the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes, consisting of centuries-old mighty pine forests, vineyards and almond groves, deep ravines and dragon trees as well as many other unique plants. All around, the ever-blue Atlantic shines and beckons in a sea of clouds flooded with light. The clean air invites you to hike directly from the hacienda.

We have put together a small Komoot Collection on our website with great hikes in the area. Komoot is a hiking app that you can download free of charge for Android and from the Apple App Store.

We are happy to provide you with experienced hiking guides who can show you the most beautiful hikes on La Palma. The hikes lead into mystical laurel forests, to the sacred dragon trees, through mysterious gorges, to the bizarre crater rim and to the sea. The highlight is the circular hike through the impressive world inside the world’s largest erosion crater, the “Caldera de Taburiente”, the home of the last king of the “Guanches”. Again and again you come across traces of the indigenous people. La Palma is a very powerful volcanic island that touches our hearts and appeals to all our senses – a special kind of adventure vacation.

Shopping facilities and catering

Our guests stay in self-contained vacation homes and cater for themselves. We offer our own products such as almond paste and red wine for sale directly in the vacation homes. Depending on the season, there are also other suppliers who offer our guests fresh bread, home-made jams and fish, for example.

We provide drinking water for our guests in the form of the finest mountain spring water. You can draw water from our fountain, which is centrally located on the way up to the pool.
So you don’t need to bring any bottles or plastic canisters. We have the same water in the houses, the difference is that an activated carbon filter treats the water at the springs.

The nearest possible shopping facilities from the hacienda are the supermarket in Llano Negro to the north (approx. 15 minutes by car) or the Supermercado in Las Tricias to the south (approx. 15 minutes by car) or in Puntagorda with two Spar supermarkets, a Maxcoop and two organic food stores. (approx. 20 minutes by car)

You will find the nearest ATM in Puntagorda. Have a look at our location and destinations page.

You will find the nearest pharmacy in Puntagorda. The Centro de Salud can help with minor injuries. You can find the exact addresses on our location and destinations page.

Internet, working from home and Don Pedro the cat

We have WIFI in all our vacation homes, the internet connection is very stable and is provided by radio relay. The speed of over 20Mbps download and 5Mbps upload is sufficient for video conferencing and office use.

Don Pedro, the good spirit of the finca, naturally always arouses our guests’ desires and, as a charmer himself, he knows how to use his popularity to the full. Nevertheless, we must point out that our furry nose is also on the hunt for mice in the service of the finca and gets his food from Benjamin 😉

He is also not allowed in the vacation homes, as we always have allergy sufferers visiting who want to spend their well-deserved vacation with us without red eyes.

Steep slope

Basically, the Hacienda is recommended for all nature lovers and friends of visual beauty. The various terraces constantly provide new perspectives and motifs that amaze even experienced photographers.

The terraced location naturally also has its pitfalls for people who are not so steady on their feet. Even if you are traveling with small children, you should be aware of the special situation and always keep a close eye on your loved ones.

Celebrations and events

The Hacienda la Palma project aims to offer its guests a vacation experience in absolute peace and seclusion in the vineyards of la Palma. This is very important to us and we try to guarantee this all year round.

Of course, the ambience around the Placita offers great opportunities to spend evenings together in a group. If the event (such as seminars, birthday coaching, weddings, etc.) is booked early enough and the whole finca is reserved, it can be an unforgettable experience for all participants.

La Palma Astronomy

For professional astro equipment we work together with the rental company Finca Athos.

Here our astronomy-experienced guests can put together their desired set from a very large and professionally maintained equipment. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with the current rental brochure. Please just send us a short message.

We ourselves have two analog telescopes for our guests who enjoy stargazing:

For beginners: Skywatcher 4′ refractor telescope on AZ 3 incl. various accessories

For advanced users: Skywatcher 254/1200 Dobson PDobson Pyrex 10′ incl. 6mm and 15mm UWA O15mm UWA eyepiece, moon filter, 2′ 32 mm WA eyepiece

We also have a beginner’s guide which you are welcome to use.

Please reserve in good time. Simply send us a short message.

Hacienda La Pama - Kontaktinformationen

Ihr könnt uns telefonisch unter folgenden Nummern kontaktieren

Hacienda La Pama - Contact information

You can contact us by phone at the following numbers

Private outdoor area details

Terrace / Patio

Terrace/patio with outdoor seating for 4 people and 2 moorings

Outdoor terrace with double lounger

Private outdoor terrace with cozy double lounger under the fig tree

Viewpoint 1 towards the Atlantic / cloud carpet

Viewing area directly in front of the house with seating and table for 4 people. Enjoy the view of the horizon, the trade wind clouds and the endless Atlantic Ocean.

Viewpoint 2 towards Barranco / valley

Viewing point towards the southern sky and valley with seating and table for 2 people. Enjoy the view of the enchanted valley and the Barranco in the light of the evening sun.


Lovingly designed garden with various plants, herbs, fig trees, peach tree, pear trees, chestnuts and plums.

Herb spiral

Fresh mint, thyme, oregano

Cancellation conditions

60/30-day rule

60 days before arrival
30 days before arrival
100% refund
50% refund
No refund