Mountain air and microclimate

The special altitude of the hacienda on the sunny north-west side of the island combines the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes. Centuries-old pine forests, vineyards and almond groves, gorges and dragon trees.

All around, the blue Atlantic shines and beckons in the light-flooded sea of clouds. Clean air and starry nights over La Palma. Apart from the wine-growing fincas of the local winegrowers, there are no neighbors far and wide. Our vacation guests appreciate this tranquillity and secluded location on La Palma and enjoy the experience of nature.

Mountain air, peace, light and healthy sleep

Find out more about the effects of altitude, the microclimate and the Hacienda La Palma powerhouse

Tranquillity and secluded location in a nature reserve

Intact nature, green all year round. Far away from "banana tents" and roads.
The hacienda is located in a protected zone and benefits from the water cycle of the surrounding pine forests.Directly from the hacienda, enjoy hiking in the vineyards and almond groves around Briestas. The mountain air on La Palma is particularly pure. From 1,000 meters above sea level, there are significantly fewer pollutants, exhaust fumes and allergens. This is an advantage for asthmatics and allergy sufferers as well as anyone who wants to escape the city air.Discover the immediate surroundings and fall asleep happily under the most beautiful starry sky in Europe.

Light situation and cloud images

Relaxing above the clouds of La Palma. Over 300 days of sunshine per year.
In the evening, relax on the terrace or by the pool and watch the passing trade wind clouds. Enjoy the vastness and tranquillity and let your mind wander. Thanks to the clean air, the sun unfolds its entire light spectrum at this altitude. Altitude sun corresponds to sunlight before industrialization. The proportion of infrared light is higher in the mountains. This long-wave light promotes blood circulation, increases energy consumption and fights infections.

Medically optimal altitude

Take a vacation at one of the world's highest wineries at 1,380 m above sea level.
Mountain air is the best natural medicine there is. Regular hiking at this altitude improves our fitness and has a positive effect on our cardiovascular system. A better supply of oxygen in the blood activates the metabolism. Our immune system is trained. Spending time in nature makes us happy. The stress hormone cortisol is reduced and the happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine increase. Enjoy the microclimate and the sheltered sunny location.

Healthy sleep in the mountains

Intense sun during the day and freshness at night.
It has now been proven that sleep at altitude is much more restful. This is also due to the cooler temperatures in the evening. In summer, it is tropically hot and humid in many places, and heatwaves occur in urban centers. Here at the Hacienda La Palma at 1,380 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a restful night's sleep and recharge your batteries. Except for the Calima weather phenomenon, no climate control systems are required. The pleasantly fresh mountain air flows into the bedroom through the tilted window.

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Private outdoor area details

Terrace / Patio

Terrace/patio with outdoor seating for 4 people and 2 moorings

Outdoor terrace with double lounger

Private outdoor terrace with cozy double lounger under the fig tree

Viewpoint 1 towards the Atlantic / cloud carpet

Viewing area directly in front of the house with seating and table for 4 people. Enjoy the view of the horizon, the trade wind clouds and the endless Atlantic Ocean.

Viewpoint 2 towards Barranco / valley

Viewing point towards the southern sky and valley with seating and table for 2 people. Enjoy the view of the enchanted valley and the Barranco in the light of the evening sun.


Lovingly designed garden with various plants, herbs, fig trees, peach tree, pear trees, chestnuts and plums.

Herb spiral

Fresh mint, thyme, oregano

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