Flight schedule La Palma - Discover current flight connections to Santa Cruz de la Palma Airport (SPC)

Here you can see direct flights to La Palma and Iberia flights with a transfer in Madrid. We always keep the flight schedules up to date. We are grateful for any information on new flight connections or changes.

Flights to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) from 01.11.23 to 30.04.24

Departure fromDayTimeFlight numberAirline
MadridMonday10:00IB 3844 Iberia Express
MadridMonday13:55IB 3842Iberia Express
MadridTuesday13:55IB 3842 Iberia Express
DüsseldorfTuesday14:40EW 9544 Eurowings
HamburgTuesday15:45EW 7528 Eurowings
MadridTuesday18:40EW 2268 Iberia Express
MunichWednesday10:25DE 1416 Condor
HamburgWednesday12:55DE 1446 Condor
Berlin-BrandenburgWednesday12:55EJU 5381 Easyjet
FrankfurtWednesday13:30DE 1406 Condor
MadridWednesday13:55IB 3842 Iberia Express
MadridThursday10:00IB 3844 Iberia Express
Manchesterthursday10:40TOM 2424 Tui Fly Co.UK
Londonthursday14:20TOM 4464 Tui Fly Co.UK
Luxembourgthursday15:10LG 599 Luxair
AmsterdamFriday09:45HV 5641 Transavia
CopenhagenFriday12:45JTD 291 Bravo Tours
AlborgFriday12:45JTD 433 Bravo Tours
Billundfriday12:55JTD 565 Bravo Tours
Madridfriday13:55IB 3842 Iberia Express
MadridSaturday10:00IB 3844 Iberia Express
StuttgartSaturday11:40EW 2268 Eurowings
HamburgSaturday11:40EW 7528 Eurowings
Berlin-Brandenburgsaturday12:25EJU 5381 Easyjet
FrankfurtSaturday13:25LH 1512 Lufthansa
DüsseldorfSaturday13:40DE 1426 Condor
MadridSaturday13:55IB 3842 Iberia
DüsseldorfSaturday15:30EW 9544 Eurowings
BarcelonaSaturday20:20VY 3248 Vueling
HamburgSunday13:20DE 1446 Condor
FrankfurtSunday13:30DE 1406 Condor
ZurichSunday13:50EDW 232 Edelweiss
MadridSunday13:55IB 3842 Iberia Express

Status 05.03.2024

Eurowings will not fly from Stuttgart on Tuesdays in the period from 16.01.24 to 12.03.24 / No flights from 02.04.2024

Eurowings will not fly from Hamburg on Tuesdays from 16.01.24 to 27.02.24 / No flights from 02.04.2024

Eurowings will not fly from Düsseldorf on Tuesdays from 16.01.24 to 27.02.24 / No flights from 02.04.2024

Iberia Express two flights from Madrid on Fridays from 22.03

Eurowings from 06.04 no flights from Hamburg Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

Flights to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) from 01.05.2024 - 30.10.2024

DeparturedayArrival dayFlight numberAirline
MadridMonday09:20IB 3844 Iberia Express
MadridMonday14:15IB 3842 Iberia Express
MadridTuesday14:15IB 3842 Iberia Express
Amsterdamtuesday16:10HV 5642 Transavia
Munichtuesday16:25DE 1416 Condor
DüsseldorfWednesday09:50DE 1426 Condor
FrankfurtWednesday11:40DE 1406 Condor
MadridWednesday14:15IB 3842 Iberia Express
MadridThursday09:20IB 3844 Iberia Express
MadridThursday14:15IB 3842 Iberia Express
Londonthursday18:55BY 4464 Tui Fly Co.UK
Madridfriday10:05IB 3844 Iberia Express
MadridFriday14:15IB 3842 Iberia Express
Amsterdamfriday18:10HV 5642 Transavia
MadridSaturday14:15IB 3842 Iberia Express
BarcelonaSaturday18:45VLG 3248 Vueling
MadridSunday14:15IB 3842 Iberia Express

Status 05.03.2024

The Condor flight from Frankfurt is operated by Bulgaria Air. The Condor flight from Munich is operated by Marabu Airlines. Flights can be booked directly via Condor.

Iberia will also fly from Bilbao and Valencia to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) every Thursday from July 18 to September 5, 2024. The flight is operated by Air Nostrum and can be booked directly with Iberia.

From 26.06.24 Vueling will be offering an additional connection from Barcelona to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) every Wednesday.

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La Palma SPC Airport is served directly by several airlines. Condor, Eurowings, Easyjet, Lufthansa/Discover Airlines, Transavia, Luxair, Vueling and Edelweiss offer direct flights from various European airports. The exact flight days and departure airports depending on the season can be found in the tables. The offer varies from season to season. Availability and prices fluctuate, so the earlier you book, the more choice you have and the cheaper it is. The flights are also marketed via various providers. Flights can be booked either directly with the airline or via one of the traditional tour operators such as Tui Fly or Bravo Tours.

The number of direct flights from Germany to La Palma is manageable. Sometimes they don’t fit in with vacation times or individual vacation planning. Iberia offers a little more flexibility here with a daily connection from Madrid to La Palma. With a change in Madrid and therefore a slightly longer journey. The connections with a travel time of 6.5 to 8 hours are interesting. Those with +1, i.e. with an onward flight the next day, are not recommended from our point of view. The same applies here: The earlier you book, the more choice you have and the cheaper it is. Another option is Vueling. The airline offers flights from Barcelona to La Palma in cooperation with Iberia. But not every day.

If you are not under too much time pressure or are affected by flight cancellations at short notice and cannot find alternative flight options quickly, you should check whether traveling via Tenerife or Gran Canaria is an option. There are significantly more flight connections to both islands.
On Tenerife, airplanes from Germany land at Tenerife South Airport. The best way to continue your journey is with Binter Canarias, Canaryfly or Air Europa from Tenerife/North. A transfer time of 3-4 hours should be taken into account.
A direct bus service connects the two airports several times a day. If the departure times are inconvenient, you can also take the public bus via Santa Cruz de Tenerife. But beware! In the case of separately booked flights, there is no entitlement to transportation if, for example, you miss your connection due to flight time changes or other events.
There is no need to change airports from Gran Canaria. Sufficient transfer time should also be planned here due to possible flight time changes.
We would be happy to advise you personally and look forward to hearing from you.

From Tenerife/South you can also take the ferry to La Palma. The ferry port of Los Christianos is about a twenty-minute cab ride from Tenerife South Airport. The ferries usually leave from around 6 – 7 pm, so that you arrive on La Palma at around 9 – 10 pm. On La Palma, the ferry departs at around 6 a.m., so depending on the flight connection, you will need to plan a corresponding stay on Tenerife. Exact departure times can be found on the ferry companies’ websites. Fred Olsen offers a fast ferry that takes about 150 minutes from Tenerife to La Palma.

Ferry connections Fred Olsen:

We would be happy to advise you personally and look forward to hearing from you.

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